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Clearly I'm quite the newbie looking for somewhere to deposit the buckets of information I have in my head.

Currently I live in China, of all places, at least pretending to teach the English language. It's alright, but after a few years of endless emphatic "hello"s and more than a few "fuck you"s, I'm ready for a new dayjob. I like being in China and I like travelling, and here I get to see my favorite music from Wang Fei and keep up with all the latest Hong Kong slasher flicks.

I currently live in Anhui, west of Shanghai and Nanjing but essentially the same weather. It's considered one of the poorest provinces and so most people here are all scratching to get out. In the last year and a half I suppose I've joined them. So it's off to the big city and bright lights for me. Doing what? Hell if I know.