While I can see both sides in this issue, I have a problem that hasn't been addressed.

In Cincinnati we used to have this stadium called "Riverfront Stadium." Seats 30,000, does both football and baseball. It's astroturf, so that sucked, but otherwise it's nice. The Bengals and the Reds both decide that they want a new stadium. Or they'll leave. Ok. I'm thinking to myself "Well, they'll bring in more money than we're spending for the staidum." No problem.


In the contract for the foolball stadium, there's a line that states (paraphrased) "You may not use this staidum without Mike Brown's permission. All vending profits go to Mike Brown."

WHAT? I pay X million dollars for a stadium that's only used 8 times a year, and I have to get permission to use it for something else? I, for one, was hoping we could host some soccer games or something, but no.

It gets better. There was another line that read "If we don't sell (approx. 2/3 of the stadium) the city must make up the difference." This, of course, is bullshit. The Bengals suck. They were the worst overall team of the 90's. They will *NOT* fill that staidum. And now, because they suck, I have to pay extra.

Someone explain that to me.