What a Wuukiee!

Well, Friday was the big Lafayette noder meet, which was great! I¡¦m really starting to feel like e2 is a community now (for me), rather than just a really really cool website. While the party was cool (despite me spilling oil and brown sugar from plantains on my pants), the most important part was after the party.

On Sunday, I went with Wuukiee and mcc to PAN, the Pagan Academic Network here at Purdue. Now, I am not Pagan, nor do I have any plans to be Pagan (if it happens, it happens though ļ). The main reason I went was because there were guaranteed to be 2 really cool people there. Plus, its always fun to learn new fun religion stuff!

So I learned a bit about Wicca and Santeria, and then mcc invited me back to Wuukiee's place, where we ate dinner (Wuukiee makes kickass pork chops!), played Cubivore (my new favorite game!), got drunk and watched Robin Williams standup comedy.

Honestly, it is rare that I meet people that are so open, inviting and just plain nice!

And Sam, the cat, is really cute too!