Woke up Christmas morning at 6:29 to my 11 year old sister's arm pressing down on my back, her voice yelling "Wake up, Sara! It's Christmastime!." I would have thought she would have gotten over it by now. So, instead of asking for five more minutes and making her wait ten, I made my way up the stairs to see if Santa had been good to us.

After 19 years of Christmasses, my parents have gotten lazy with the wrapping; instead of wrapping everything neatly in paper, they put it into giant Christmas garbage bags and tie a ribbon on it. Works for me... less mess, and less time to waste before going back to sleep.

So in my groggy state, I managed to muster up some excitement for my gifts. From my parents/sisters/brother:

--A 120 gig hard drive!!!! (thank god, i was running on a 15!)
--Some underwear and a really soft nightshirt from victoria's secret... very nice... (not slutty though, don't get any ideas)
--Some other pretty cool clothes
--A Hard Day's Night on DVD (I love The Beatles... and its a kickass movie)
--High Fidelity by Nick Hornby (SIGNED!!!)

Not great... but not bad... I got what I asked for (the hard drive and some clothes)

So then I went to sleep for like 2 hours, and at 9:30 I woke up and ate breakfast, and played Game Cube with my siblings... they like the motorcycle game thingy that I got them so I'm happy

Around 1 we went to my Grandma's house... she's filthy rich so we usually make out like bandits... but lately she's been kinda senile and weird... so here we go with what I got from her:

--a gold charm for my charm bracelet... (fine, but i have plenty and don't need any more.)
--Nice, but too colorful, makeup from Estee Lauder... (she probably got a free gift and wrapped it up for me and my sister... no big deal though, its not bad)
--(now we get to the good stuff ;) )- the UGLIEST sweater thing I have EVER seen... seriously... it's black with colored string coming out of it... it looks like tentacles. no joke!
--Old doilies of hers; framed (why?!?!?!)
--An old lace collar with a stain on it (even more of a WHY!?!?!?!?)
--(here's the kicker)HER OLD PERFUME... yes, its expensive perfume, but seriously... I don't really wear the kind of stuff she does... I like my Clinique Happy because it doesn't smell too weird... I don't wanna smell like rose-must-whatever... The only cool one was an old Salvadore Dali perfume thing... which is really cool, just cuz its from an awesome artist... but seriously...
--My Aunt Alice gave my mom (who is her sister in law, mind you) a print of one of her dead relatives... why this would have any significance to my mom, I'm not sure

so yeah... that was Christmas... nobody (on my dad's side of the family, anyways) really even cares about Jesus, its all about giving people good stuff one year so that they'll give you good stuff next year... really fits our family's compulsive gambling trait. My mom is choosing prints of her dead relatives to give to my aunt as we speak.

I'm pretty much glad the holidays are over... New Years is fun... Christmas could be fun if we really stopped making it about stuff. Well, I'm off to Florida now. Have fun, everyone!