It's Christmas Eve!

Christmas has been irritating me more this year than in any past year... perhaps because I have no money... or maybe my heart is 2 sizes too small... I don't know. In any case, I got all my shopping done, which is good.

the traffic was horrendous, though. spent 2 hours going 6 miles. Gotta love last minute shopping.

This is what I got my family:

For my Mom: A pair of leather gloves, lined with really soft turtle-fur stuff.
For my little sister, Jenny: the Avril Levrign CD. This was embarrassing. All throughout the Evanston Borders, I carried it nestled behind my hand, front side towards my body. And when I paid for it, the cashier laughed at me and asked: "little sister?" This was mildly amusing.
For my brother, Charlie: Some motorcycle racing game with hot chicks in it for Game Cube.
For my younger (but older than my other younger) sister, Katie; 2 trios of earrings (damned double piercings making buying earrings such a chore!.... hey am i one to talk???)
And for my father: A 3D Puzzle of Isengard. He will love it, I am sure. Last Christmas my mom got him a wedding band (he didn't have one before for some reason). It was just plain gold. He went around all Christmas saying "ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL..." yeah, my daddy's a nerd :P
Grand total: $125, averaging $25/person. Damned Irish Catholic families!

Not that any of you cared.

a pet peeve of mine: how Purdue (a public universary) played a barrage of Christmas songs during the year. I saw one sign mentioning that Hanukah (Chanukkah) existed, and nothing about Kwanzaa.

Oh yeah... this is my 40th writeup! I'm proud of myself. I know thats dorky and tons of people have like... 900 or something... but 40 is good for me. I'm hungry and tired. Goodnight.