I found myself at some kind of party where everyone was eating dinner, and watching bands perform on stage. I look to my left and beside me is my girlfriend. To her left is the curly hair kid from 'N SYNC. So I start making rude comments about how much I HATE heavy metal and how they are all a bunch of sissies... I'm talking to the 'N SYNC kid about it, but I'm really making fun of boy bands, not heavy metal. It didn't take him long to figure out he was the butt of my joke. He gets up, says, "I'll Show You!" and goes up on stage and starts running through one of his routines. this was a rather comical sight, as there was no music, just this kid flapping his arms around in circles, and turning his head left and right. He seemed to be over exaggerating everything, just to prove that he was REALLY REALLY good or something... I don't know. So I get up, and start to walk out, and he yells for me to stay, saying that I just HAVE TO watch the rest of his routine. He keeps whining about how unfair I am. Oh well.

I'm sure this dream stems straight from the fact that my girlfriend watched WAY TOO MUCH MTV for her own good... I'll have to talk to her about that. :)