If there is a connection between the ethereal and the tangible, prose is that connection. Not just a listing of words, but syllables that resonate with feeling and a sense of those parts of the human condition that cannot be quantified. Lyrical paragraphs or a single phrase can lift us out of the process of "reading" -discerning meaning- and transport us to places real and imagined.

If you have never read a book that takes you to a previous time in your life- you have missed out on one of life's great pleasures. If no book has ever transported you to a place you have traveled, or better still, to a street you have never seen, I pity you. Yours is a life weighed down with the burden of Proof and verifiable evidence. The words I speak of will fly by your window like so many pigeons over busy city sidewalks. There are eagles up there too, but you will never see them.