At 5, I would have stayed out of Mr. Johnson's
- I did not- and got spanked for the trouble

At 15, I would have stopped staring at the girl in Algebra class who was dating a football player
I did not, and spent 20 minutes stuck in a locker as a result.

At 25, I would have paid more attention to my job- as opposed to daydreaming-
three months of unemployment was the reward for that.

When I review the complete list it appears that two things are true:
1. I rarely decide to do what someone says is good for me.
2. My life seems to be more defined by what I have chosen not to do,
than by what I have decided to do.

"I try, but you see,
It's hard to explain
I said the right things
But act the wrong way"
The Strokes: Hard to explain