You longed for peace and quiet,
and it has arrived
It came to your doorstep on Northerly breezes,
Not gradually, but all at once,
but the chill does not wake your lazy furnace

So many days you have wished for the stillness of an empty room
So many hours of crowded buses
And pushy grocery store aisles

And now
You have the four walls to yourself
No loud noises in the hallway
And your couch has plenty of room

Why are you thinking of Lemonade in February?
Why does this taste like hot chocolate in July?
Could the timing have been any worse?

Tonight you will sleep with only the sound of a neighbor’s stereo
And you’ll leave the bathroom light on
For no reason

Tomorrow you’ll raise the shades to a mother of pearl sunrise
And orange light will shine on your face
But you won’t say

Look at this!!

Because you don’t like talking to yourself

You’ll just get dressed
And run to the bus
And hope that it’s very very very