It was early November and it was after 1 am. We were parked a block away from her house. We were sitting on the hood of my car, listening to all the metal parts make odd clanking sounds as they cooled off in the night air.

I wanted to know why she was arguing with her sister all of the time and she was saying that it wasn't even arguing.

"People talk, they have things to say and sometimes the things are just different. That doesn't make it an argument. You know, like Rock, paper, scissors. They are all ways to win the game, but they don't win all the time, that would be stupid. People can talk about stuff differently without it being an argument, I mean, seriously. Anyway, it doesn't matter, winning is not that big of a deal."

After that we were both quiet for a while. She was satisfied she had won the argument (the one that wasn't really an argument), or was just tired of talking, it was hard to tell in the dark. She waited for a bit, then lit up the blackness with the soft glow of her cell, checking in with friends. The blue light lit up her face and I thought I could see the trace of a smile on her lips.

Maybe, maybe not. At that point I knew not to say anything.