There is something about her toes.
No, not that sort of something. But they say a lot about her
- those toes-
they are a barometer,

an indicator of how she is doing.
Think moodring.

More than once there are those moments-
usually when we are outside-
a bench- or an outside table at a restaurant,
and we are talking-
just allowing time to unfold in front of us
slowly- without a plan or a schedule-
and she is leaning back-
and her legs stretch out in front of her- and if I glance down
and I always glance down- I can see her feet are crossed at the ankles, and her toes are dancing--
up and down-
the same rhythm her fingers make when she is typing-
and I know she is happy- and well- she's with me-
so then we both are doing well.
I don't have to comment- because she sees me look- and smiles-
so no words are needed- and none are used.