Return to Ocean City, Maryland (place)

I remember the stupid things,
the bracelets and the beads
nickels and dimes, Yours and mine,
You don't dream for me, no.
You don't dream for me, no.

[Third Eye blind] - [Never let you go]

[You asked me once what I would remember... this, and much more|She asked me what I remembered about Ocean City],
As though I could sum it up in a few words,
as if it were a single day.

So probably best to describe it as a color:
Blue, a single word.

The ocean,
the sky (too bright to look at for too long, but still)
and the crabs,
dozens of them in a plastic bucket.
Caught by skinny kids with a hook filled with bacon.

She asked me what I remember about [Maryland, my Maryland|Ocean City].
I remember thinking [Hope springs eternal|summer would last forever].

for [NanceMuse]