I only saw her cry one time.

Janice and I dated for almost a year from the middle of junior year to Christmas of our senior year. She was quiet and reserved (some would say invisible) and was a hard girl to get to know. I guess I got to know her, but it was only to a certain extent.

Janice talked in a whisper and was almost allergic to eye contact. She was not fragile, just guarded. She had strong opinions about things and would share them with you if you were alone with her. Janice didn't trust most other kids and felt that loud talkative people were making up words and feelings to cover for their ignorance.

So many cymbals-all off key

that's what she used to say. I think she didn't believe friendly people could be that happy

Once during the summer we went out on the Lake in her Uncle's boat. It was windy and when we headed back to shore her hair blew in and around her head and I saw that the breeze was making her eyes water. Her eyes were blurry and soft and had a softness they rarely had on regular days. "You OK?" I asked her when we got to the dock. Oh yeah, she said as she pulled her hair back into a ponytail. it's just the wind.

I guess that doesn't even count as crying, but it's what I remember.