It is not theft, because I am here giving it back. And it is not plagarism, because I am saying I didn't write this and now you know I didn't write it. It is private, however. And it speaks to a private place.

So, why would I share her whispers with you- these letters and spaces, with you? Because they resonate- and fill the empty room I type in this morning. Because I want you to hear what you have been missing.
Because they matter:

"" have been focusing on music lately, ears sharpened & I let the bath get cold yesterday, thinking. The water dripping meshed suddenly into the flaring bass of furnace, and then motors outside. the fridge whirring up, my sister's mouse clicking in the next room, all becoming a sonic hum of life around me, audible in a house that had been silent only moments before I heard the drip. ""