Farewell to a friend

I didn't think that the front seat of a truck would be where we would have our last conversation, but that's how things go. I also know that you can't really hear what I'm saying as your hearing is mostly gone and your vision is shot too. The last few months you have naivigated around the house by memory and sense of smell. A lot of mornings now I hear you whining to come let you out and we both are embarassed when I don't come soon enough. That's over now.

I am grateful for all of these 15 years. I know it's longer for you, but I tried not to count. There have been many times you have listened to me when I had nothing meaningful to say and lots of nights I have let you sleep on the end of a bed for no reason at all. It's what friends do, and I don't regret a moment.

The good news is this. This is the last trip to the Vet for us both, and the last time I have to ask myself if more pain for you is worth less pain for me. That is behind me now; behind us both.

I know there are lush green pastures in front of you, and trees big enough for shade on the hottest days. Take care old friend. Run free.