Liz Phair-self titled CD -released in June of 2003.

If you listen to music critics this is worst Phair CD ever. Why? Because it is popular. It includes her first mainstream-top 40 radio hit- Why can't I? and has landed her on VH-1 and other media outlets.

The fact that this veteran of alternative rock and the whole Lilith Fair franchise could be labeled a sell out is a bit amusing. Ms.Phair has toured and recorded in relative obscurity for more than 10 years. Now that she decides to mix in some "radio friendly" music (nee- accessible) with her edgy material does not send her down the tubes. I think it is also quite bizzare that she would be more beloved as a unknown. I do not imagine she should be equated with a small, unheard of restaurant that the customers do not want shared with the general public. I think there is plenty of Liz to go around.

On an amusing note, it is only in America, the land of Hairspray and John Ashcroft that it is easier for a homosexual woman to sing of erotic love than a heterosexual. Listen to the new CD and you will find she hasn't stopped preaching that gospel.

Track listing (courtesy

2. Red Light Fever
3. Why Can't I?
4. It's Sweet
5. Rock Me
6. Take A Look
7. Little Digger
8. Firewalker
9. Favorite
10. Love/Hate
11. H.W.C.
12. Bionic Eyes
13. Friend Of Mine
14. Good Love Never dies