This is a game for people who like watching people. It is best played with three people, but two will suffice.

Three people sit, stand or slouch in a public place, preferably one where many people pass by. Player one picks a random stranger and proceeds to tell a short story about them. Person Two, picks another person and does the same. Person three serves as judge. The winner gets a point. Next round, players rotate roles. Object of the game: kill time.

Two examples:

Bag lady pushing cart.
That lady is a former research analyst with the Rand Corporation. If you look close you will see she has a discarded satellite dish in her grocery cart. She watches mostly C-span and The History Channel. Her cardboard home is lined with Wall street journals and old Fortune magazines. In the 80's she owned whole blocks of real estate in Detroit. She lost several fortunes during the dotcom crash. I bet she bought that raincoat at Bloomingdale's twenty years ago.

Thin, middle aged man in polyester suit
That is Michia. He is a Bosnian immigrant. His family moved to Canada 10 years ago, but he never got citizenship there. They moved across the border when his wife got a job with a cleaning business here. Now he works for a courier service downtown. This is his off day. He is here at the mall, looking for music for his teenage daughter, Sasha. Sasha wants some "rappit" music and this will be his birthday present to her. Michia has no idea what rappit sounds like, and he has never been to an American shopping mall before. His skittish, nervous appearance is due to both his awkwardness and his belief that the african american teenagers he sees hanging out in front of the Spencers are gang members and will kill anyone at a moment's notice. He has seen this on Cops.