Two events - both true.

One: a line from a news story from AP (Yahoo news) that would have made Arthur C. Clarke smile:

"a dusty blue sunset at the end of its 20th day on Mars"

It is a short piece about the Mars rover and some photos of a smoggy sunset. Deep in the heart of every science ficiton lover is the love of phrases such as these. Words both other wordly and lyrical. The future is here. And its blue.

Two : today at a mall I saw a teenage girl with a denim purse. Attached to the side of the purse were two small squares of typing paper, about the size of poptarts. On each square was typewritten text. Poetry? prose? song lyrics? I am not sure, because I did not stop her to read the fine print. What interests me is two parts of this image:

1. The words were meant to be read. I know that because the paper was on the side of the purse facing out -that is important.

2. The written word is alive and well. If young people care about written language enough to carry it around (books are dead?)AND flaunt it, I believe that is a happy day for all of us who cherish text. Found poetry? No. Words in motion.