Jim enrolled at the college to study journalism,
but transferred to Education so he could teach high school

Sue was a teaching assistant in high school, and took three prep classes
so she could make a good score on her ACT,

Jim entered school listening to Pearl Jam,
but gradually his iPod was filled with mostly classical and Jazz.

Sue considered, then dropped her double major in Music,
because she needed to work part-time in the cafeteria.

She played her violin in the dorm's basement, or
under a tree behind the Science building.

Jim graduated one May
then headed North to the Chicago suburbs to get a job.

Sue, who enrolled three years after him,
started student teaching the summer after he left.

One of her students, a kid with a Pearl Jam tshirt
asked her if she knew Jim.

Nope, she said, never met, why?

Oh, just curious, said the student
who was practicing something on the piano.