A True story

She was strolling through my late morning grocery with a look of bliss.
A young woman, unconcerned and relaxed in a peasant blouse and snugonhips jeans. Ms. Bliss had long, shoulder length blonde hair streaked on one side with bright green. Turquoise or aqua marine. As my cart moved closer to her I was struck by her eyes- they were exactly the same color. Deep emerald and filled with light. I realize they could have been contacts, and that her entire ensemble was probably created to garner attention. Well, consider it mission accomplished, because I was stopped dead in my tracks.
She did not return my gaze as she slid by, surrounded by an air of apricots. Still I am sure I saw the thinnest edge of a smile on the corners of her mouth as she passed.

I wonder what it is like to be so radiant; to be a bottle of nectar in a field of hummingbirds.