The Washington, D.C. Metro Project

Like the NYC Subway Lines Project, the goal is to detail the entire Washington metro system. This job is considerably easier than WickerNipple's as there aren't nearly as many lines or stops, but there's still plenty to do.

Stage One
Noding of the stations. I'm using only official station names as written on the system maps on trains. Each station writeup includes the line, station address (suitable for MapQuest use), station location (for actually finding it on the street), cost and availability of parking, the date the station opened, last train times, bus lines serving the station, and whatever additional details and information is available. Each station node has a small navigation section that links back here, to a colored line, and to the adjacent stops.
As of 21 September 2001, all stations have been noded. See Ballston-MU for a sample station.

Stage Two
Noding the lines. Nodes already exist for orange, red, green, blue, and yellow lines, so descriptive writeups will need to be added with hardlinks to the appropriate stations.
As of 1 October 2001, all lines have been noded. See Yellow Line for a sample line, but be advised that all lines could use more descriptive details.

Stage Three
The ongoing portion of this, as with the NYC project, stage three involves adding information about the area around each station. Downtown stations are easier to describe, but some stations primarily serve commuters and so will have more suburban-oriented descriptions.
This is the real project of this project. Mouthpiece suggested the best way to do this would be to visit each station. Anyone familiar with a station should feel free to contribute; mine will be under the "Visit" section in each station's writeup.

Personal Motivation
It's easy to jump to conclusions and assume that I'm noding all these lines and stations just for the numbers. I'm not. I'm doing this because I love subways, I love Washington, and I thought it would be a nice project, something to keep me occupied.