According to the Roller Coaster Database (, there are more than 1,200 roller coasters worldwide. The overwhelming majority of these - more than a thousand - are steel coasters, only 165 are wooden. North America has the most coasters - 630 - while Europe has a little more than half that and Asia has just over 200. South America has 40 roller coasters; Australia has exactly half as many as South America, and there are only 12 coasters in Africa.

Types: freeform coaster - heartline coaster - suspended coaster - flying coaster - inverted coaster - multielement coaster - impulse roller coaster - terrain coaster - Suspended Looping Coaster - single out and back - double out and back - triple out and back - twister - mobius - gigacoaster - hypercoaster - screamer - impulse
Elements: inversion - heartline flip - cobra roll - dog leg - double loop - single loop - vertical loop - lifthill
Companies: Arrow Dynamics - Vekoma - Philadelphia Toboggan Company - Intamin - Schwarzkopf
Parts: horsecollar restraint - shoulder harness - individual lapbar - lapbar - high back seat
Other: airtime - free-flight

Aladdin's Kingdom: Thunderbolt
Americana Park: Screechin' Eagle
Astroland: Thunderbolt - Cyclone - Big Apple
Botton's Pleasure Beach: Big Apple
Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Big Bad Wolf - Drachen Fire - Loch Ness Monster - Alpengeist - Apollo's Chariot - Wild Maus
Cedar Point: Millennium Force - Magnum XL-200 - Mean Streak - Gemini - Wicked Twister
Clacton Pier: Big Apple
Disneyland: - Space Mountain - Matterhorn
Dorney Park: Talon - Steel Force
Dreamland: Big Apple
Dreamworld: The Giant Drop - Thunderbolt - Cyclone
Duinen Zathe: Big Apple
EsselWorld: Big Apple
Excelsior Amusement Park: Cyclone
Frontierland Family Theme Park: Texas Tornado
Geauga Lake: Mind Eraser - Cyclone
Genting Theme Park: Cyclone
Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach: Big Apple
Kennywood: Jack Rabbit - Thunderbolt
Lakemont Park: Leap-The-Dips
Lakeside Amusement Park: Cyclone
Mall of America: Timberland Twister
M&Ds Scotland's Theme Park: Big Apple
Paramount's Great America: Grizzly - Stealth
Paramount's King's Island: The Beast - Son of Beast
Paramount's King's Dominion: Grizzly - Hypersonic XLC - Rebel Yell
Park de Montjuic: Cyclone
Pleasureland: Cyclone - Big Apple
Pontchartrain Beach: - Wild Maus
Sandspit Cavendish Beach: - Cyclone
Sea World Orlando: - Kraken
Six Flags America: Sky Coaster - Mind Eraser
Six Flags AstroWorld: Viper
Six Flags Darien Lake: Mind Eraser - Viper
Six Flags Elitch Gardens: Mind Eraser
Six Flags Great Adventure: Viper - Great American Scream Machine - Batman the Ride
Six Flags Great America: Viper - Batman the Ride - Demon - American Eagle - Whizzer - Iron Wolf
Six Flags Magic Mountain: Colossus - Riddler's Revenge - Viper - X - Batman the Ride
Six Flags Mexico: Batman the Ride
Six Flags New England: Thunderbolt - Cyclone - Mind Eraser
Six Flags Over Georgia: Viper - Batman the Ride - Great American Scream Machine
Six Flags Over Texas: Batman the Ride
Six Flags St. Louis: Batman the Ride
Toshimaen: Cyclone
Valleyfair!: Steel Venom - Wild Thing - High Roller
Walt Disney World: Space Mountain Splash Mountain
West Midlands Safari Park: Big Apple
Williams Grove Park: Cyclone
Wonderland Amusement Park: Cyclone
Worlds of Fun: Spinning Dragons - Mamba