One of Tolkien's languages, produced for his middle-earth stories and spoken by the Rohirrim. Little is known of this language of Men, except that it was probably descended from Adûnaic and may be related to Hobbitish. Tolkien transcribed the sounds of Rohirric by using letters and formations from Old English, including the ð and other accented characters. His apparent intent was to indicate that Rohirric is to Common Speech as Old English is to Modern English, although the former is simply a historic, archaic change while the latter is a development of the language.

Only a few actual Rohirric words are known. Trahan is the word for "burrow," and is related to the Hobbitish word trân, itself meaning smial (the Hobbits' term for their burrows). The Rohirric word kastu is related to the Hobbitish word kast, meaning mathom. The word "hobbit" is itself an indirect translation of the Hobbitish word kuduk, which is tied to the Rohirric word kûd-dûkan ("hole-dweller"). The latter was rendered by Tolkien as holbytla, but Appendix F of Lord of the Rings, from which these words have come, does tell the original Rohirric phrase of kûd-dûkan.

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