Androgynous name, but typically used for females only in English-speaking countries. Of Welsh origin, meaning "guardian of the sea." An alternate meaning is "queen of the sea."

Kabalarian Philosophy
Your first name Meredith has given you tenacity of purpose and has made you extremely independent. Whatever you undertake, you approach from your own point of view, and others either have to conform to your ideas or go their own way and leave you to work things out for yourself.

You are so narrowly focused in your pursuits that you frequently overlook the little personal considerations and attentions that create a bond of understanding and sense of companionship, thus it is difficult for you to merge your efforts harmoniously with others.

In the home, you can inadvertently be offhand and abrupt when you would really like to show your affection. In circumstances that require a little finesse, you find that you are inclined to be too direct and straight to the point and suffer frustration in your personal relationships as a result.

Tension could affect the eyes, ears, teeth, or sinuses. Frequent head colds or severe headaches are potential problems.

Famous Names
Meredith Brooks, singer.