About an hour and a half ago, somebody got to my website by searching Yahoo! for the phrase pictures of the people who died in E2. From this phrase alone, and the results of the search, I can guess a few things about the searcher.
  1. They are not terribly savvy about the so-called Information Superhighway, but neither are they clueless. Most of the geeky types I know of prefer to use Google, while those who think the Internet is another keyword on AOL tend to use AOLSearch.
  2. They should be using Ask Jeeves. As far as I know, that is the only search engine that currently accepts natural language queries.
  3. They're easily distracted. Although a subpage of my site is the fifth result for this search, the excerpt clearly shows that page has nothing to do with their topic. (It doesn't even mention Hermetic.)
  4. They're not specific enough, or else they're too specific. There are only 1,420 results for the search, but none of them appear to actually be connected to whatever this person was looking for. Better search terms are definitely needed.
Through this search, I also found my way to a very anti-Semitic site called Vanguard News Network.

I dunno. I just felt like sharing this odd search. Can anybody let me know how many noders are known to have died?