For those who would like to stay in such a place but can't afford to travel to Sweden, there is also an Icehotel in Québec, Canada. The hotel is located at the Duchesnay Ecotourist station, on the shores of Lac St-Joseph, about 20 minutes west of Québec City. Its operating season is shorter than that of its European counterpart, lasting only from the beginning of January to the end of March - not much longer than the five weeks it takes to build the hotel from 11,000 tons of snow and 350 tons of ice.

The hotel covers 30,000 square feet, all of which remain between 23 and 28 degrees Fahrenheit, thanks to exterior walls that are four feet thick. (Bathrooms are located in a separate heated facility.) Ceilings reach 18 feet high, walls feature original artwork, and furniture is carved from ice. The hotel also has a movie theater, chapel, reception room, functional fireplaces and Jacuzzis, and an immense ice candelabra in the Grand Hall.

Because it is the only facility of its kind in North America, Icehotel Canada is somewhat of a tourist attraction. Visitor passes are available, offering access to all public rooms; daytime visits are $12 (CDN) and evening visits $8, discounts are available for senior citizens, students, and children.

For those who want to actually spend the night, though, the prices are much steeper. The cost includes a social cocktail hour featuring Absolut vodka, a four-course meal in the dinging room of Duchesnay's pavilion Le Boisé, a hot drink served in the room in the morning, and a buffet breakfast back at Le Boisé. For one person in one bed, weekday rates are $399 (again, CDN) and $424 on weekends. Double, triple, and quad occupancies are also available. Themed suites and the Québec Hilton suite are considerably more expensive. Group packages are available, as is a $749 romantic getaway package that adds dinner by candlelight, ice wine, and a dog sled ride to the usual Ice Hotel amenities and events.

The hotel's nightclub, Le N'ice Club, may be rented for special events; it also features comedy nights, happy hours, and live DJs. Weddings are also offered in the chapel, as part of a package. The base wedding package includes champagne, ice goblets, and the wedding itself, but interested couples may add fur coat and cape rental, floral arrangements, receptions, and overnight accommodations to the price.