It's All in Your Head

Eve 6 album released in 2003. They cover several genres with these songs, from a lyrical-folksy ballad, standard rock, and punk rock. This CD has a more mature sound than their earlier stuff, and each song has its own unique appeal, whether it be in the catchiness of the tunes, the poetic-emotional-angsty lyrics, or the particularly soul-stirring combination of both in "Hey Montana". The cover art for the album is rather interesting, too (a headless man...well, it can't be all in your head if you've lost your head, eh?).

Track listing:
  1. Without You Here 2:23
  2. Think Twice 3:43
  3. At Least We're Dreaming 4:08
  4. Still Here Waiting 2:15
  5. Good Lives 4:26
  6. Hey Montana 5:04
  7. Bring the Night On 3:32
  8. Friend of Mine 3:33
  9. Girlfriend 4:11
  10. Not Gonna Be Alone Tonight 3:46
  11. Hokis 3:31
  12. Arch Drive Goodbye 4:06