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mission drive within everything
Advocation for my son and every child like him and the parent of every child like him. I will be silent NO MORE.
Advocation, Autism and other neru-sensory impairments
Document,Document and Remember To Question the Sources of Information and Who susdizes Their work.Don't forget You are the most Important Person In the Life of Your Child and They need you to get up and be the Advocate you are capable of BEING!!!!!
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Today just as everyday I am taking care of my son. Today I have decided that there will be no more silence about our story, the butt kicking I have done on his behalf or him to suffer because of his differences and I will add more biography when my comfort zone on this site is more to familer to me.Today I decided that I would share who I am and how I got here. In 1989 I received an education from a community college in California.I had an 8th grade level education when I got there and three years later I graduated LifeTime PHI THETA KAPPA (Alpha Sigma Delta Chapter), Valedictorian Speaker, and was nominated for the PHI THETA KAPPA/USA Today ALL American Academic Team. In 1991 I recieved an award for Freemasonry from Yosemite Lodge #99 order of Freemasons. I am very proud of this and it is important as there are few women who are recognized by this organization.I came from a background of homelessness, childhood sexual assualt survivor, adult sexual assualt survivor, eating out of dumpsters and sleeping under cardboard to keep warm. I was raised in an environment of 1% Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs and the fact that I became educated and went on to become a successfull single parent is a miracle. I had to learn about nuturing it doesn't come in a Dr. Spock baby book book. In some environments , as a woman you are degraded daily about what your worth is to society and that you will never be anything but a useless B---H without that environment. The first time I got a 4.00 GPA was when I got it in my head that I had done something perfect in my life and no-one would or could take that away from me. I decided , when I found this website it was my way to speak what I know and voice my opinion. I am absolutely sick and tired of self made guru's who profit off of parents of special needs children. The most desperate of all people with children who do not have a voice. When I adopted my son 8 3/4 years ago I knew I could never just be a parent. I recieved training in the field of Social Work. I became his voice and the key factor that sets me apart (though I wish it didn't have to be that way) is that I did not forget where I came from before I became educated. I sent a personal message and it has gone unanswered, ignored and yet that individual is missing the opportunity to speak to someone who is a parent of a child with Heller's Syndrome. I have won many battles in the area of advocation and where I live I freely teach to any parent the value of documentation. Let's just test my skills here: For instance Doctors don't like to accept patients with medicaid coupons. They say they are not reimbursed enough for their services. How many of you out there actually know that before doctor's recieve there certification from Board exams they have already been a benefactor of medicaid? Teaching hospitals and medical students education is funded through the medicaid program budget. There is an excellant paper done on this in which you can get free from the AMA website in the archives.There was a study done recently about the high rate of Autism in Oregon, Washington, California. That paper said they had proved it about these chilren and their exposure to precipitation. I contacted the AMA website to tell them I have documents that they might well want to contact me about and the environment and that study. I told them I wanted no credit or financial gain. I only want anaccurate report. They did not contact me. Neither has the person whom I contacted here. Originally I came to this website because of a data search for Heller's Syndrome. 1 to 2 children in 100,000 will have this condition. I think I should have been respected and my message given some attention. My comments and messages are here for all of you to read. In no way do I mean any disrespect to the person I sent the message to.I am sure that many of you do not know in the Northwest that in the early 1950's that a nuclear plant released appx. 6,000 or so curies of radiation into the air to see how it would effect a population and for many years more then 9,000 curies of radioactive material was released into a very large and well known river and that those in charge of this facility and the higher up people they answered to intentionally doctored the public reports so as to not panic the public? If you think I am kidding , I am not. There are many documents that are now de-classified available. I want you all to know I love my country. I love being an American and I always will. I have the right of free speech here. I am excited about our new President. I am married to a Viet Nam Veteran who served his country three tours of duty 1969,1970,1971 during the Tet Offensive. He came back to be spit on and treated as if he were never a service to his country. I believe in freedom and democracy BUT I am not sure about the under-taking of some battles we become involved in. I am not prepared to run this country. So how can I make a difference. I have my world inside this big world and it is full of all the experiences that I have had with special needs children and the education system and the medical system. If no-one wants to hear my son's story that's too bad! I am going to speak for him and about him and my environment. I am going to speak the truth. I have an outlet now. This website,in what was becoming a very isolated world as his needs come first.Anyone can be anyone they want to be on the internet. That's a problem and a privilege.You never know if a person is who they depict theirselves to be. I decided to be myself. To write as I speak and include my grammatical errors and my humanness. I hope you all have a great day.