Often abbreviated: APUSH (pronounced ay-push). While class format at various schools may vary, the Advanced Placement United States History test is often pointed out as one of the hardest AP tests. The test covers United States history from the founding of the first English colonies through the Great Depression and WWII. This, as might be imagined, is an immense amount of material.

Usually, the test will focus around a couple of major historical periods, so as to be able to test on them in depth, while skimping on other periods in US History. For instance, one test might concentrate on the founding of the United States and the Industrial Revolution while another might concentrate on the first 100 years of the British colonies and the New Deal.

On the two essays, the test taker is given a choice of three possible essay topics for each of the essays (six possible choices). Though this can make it easier to write the essay, it is seen as imperative that the test taker make the right choice. One should not always choose the "easy" topic because that often results in an airy, unfocused essay. Often, the APUSH class has a large emphasis on essay writing in preparation for the two essays and the DBQ.

Overall, this test, while hard, is very doable. With proper preparation from the APUSH class and a certain amount of independent review (depending mainly on the confidence of the test taker) a score of 3 or 4 can usually be achieved. Just remember not to get flustered. The number one rule of test taking is: If it seems harder than usual to you, it is the same for everyone else.