My Muffler Fell Right Off

So I bought this Volkswagen Golf a few months ago. It had two mufflers for some reason. I am not an expert on German cars by any means, so this strange and foreign wisdom escapes my humble mind. However, neither of these mufflers were any good. Therefor car is incredibly loud for a puny little four cylinder.

Anyway, en route to school one morning I hear a thump and a grinding noise. Obviously 50% of my exhaust system is grinding on the road. Not particularly concerned with an explosion, I ignore it. I'll give German engineering the credit it deserves: That muffler hung in there for quite a way. Unfortunately in our school driveway, we have speed bumps. These are utterly uneffective at slowing down idiotic high school students, but -- against broken down mufflers -- their true colours do shine.

The poor thing stood no chance, and looking back I saw it do a half-spin and die on the asphalt. Well, I was quite hung over that morn and had no interest in muffler retrieval. I swore to return at the day's end and pick it up. However, raging hoardes of muffler bandits must rule rural Ohio. At the end of the day, my poor German muffler was gone.