Virtuagirl is a program for MS-Windows that features women in various states of dress and undress (mostly the latter.) It that runs in the background and every so often, a tiny (less than 100 pixels tall, I'd guess) digitized and animated woman pops up on screen above the menu bar and dances or strips for you. It's a little bit like xroach, except that instead of cockroaches running around the screen, it's a nekkid woman.

I think it's supposed to be Erotic, but it ends up being Silly. It's almost like watching a stripper in a football stadium on the fifty-yard line while you're sitting high above the end zone. Still, it's pretty good to put on unsuspecting colleague's computers.

The url is:

(No, it's not misspelled. I guess the domain "virtualgirl" (with an "l") was already taken.)