Unlike Juliet, I have been inside of The Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorbilia. While it's certainly not the Louvre, it's well worth the time of any true Pez Aficionado. The Pez Museum is just a two-room shop: the front room being the gift shop with Pez t-shirts, hats, candy and other, various, sundry Pez-related merchandise and the back room having the bulk of the actual exhibits. There's a short looping video about the History of Pez and about a half-dozen separate displays behind glass (well, plastic) of Pez dispensers from around the world. There's no museum guide, so bring a camera.

It's not at all dingy, which is sort of too bad, because I think it could use a little tone. The owner/curator, Gary, seems like a nice guy. The story is that he used to own a computer store in Burlingame and just occasionaly brought in his Pez collection for fun, but then people started coming into his store to see the Pez and it kind of pushed the computer thing aside.

There is, of course, a web site at: