Searching for Mr. Right is the first song on the Young Marble Giants' album, Colossal Youth (1979).

This was the first song of theirs that I ever heard and I was enchanted. The Moxham's simple, spartan music blends beautifully with Alison Statton's clear, sharp voice. It was a refreshing change from the lush, overdriven wall of sound-y stuff that I was listening to in 1990.

Searching for Mr. Right
Waiting up half the night

Feeling like I'll be dead
Before I'm old
Teaching myself to be
The Young Untold

How can I hope to be
Someone for you to see?

Blind as Fate decrees
I will go on
Teaching myself to be
The Young Untold

Am I in vain tonight?
Lose you against the light
Who can you be
Mr. Right?