A fountain with a statue of a little boy peeing. The Manneke Pis is in Brussels, Belgium, so if you're ever there, go see it! The statue is actually pretty small (maybe two-or-three feet tall). It stands on a pedestal in a giant alcove, six-feet up and behind a fence. It was made in 1619 by Jerome Duquesnoy(?). There are many stories about the statue, but the one I heard was that the boy is a hero who saved the town by putting out a fire by peeing on it.

I think this might very well be the best statue in all of Europe. Okay, it's not Michaelangelo's David or Rodin's The Thinker, but it's a wonderful little work nevertheless. I understand that the Manneke Pis is one of the tokens in the pan-European version of Monopoly.

Update: Professor Pi points out that Manneken Pis is more common (even though I've always used "Manneken Pis").