Jesus do I feel bad today. My neck hurts, my eyes hurt and I've had sharp, stabbing pains in my stomach all day long. It feels like I swallowed razor blades or something. I thought that eating something at lunch might make me feel better, but it didn't. It didn't make is any worse, though, so, in a glass-half-full sense, that's good.

I got invited to a birthday party yesterday, but I can't go. I really like the person and all, but the party is in North Carolina, which, since I am in California, is further than I can walk. Even on a Friday. Still it was nice to be invited.

I wanted to go biking yesterday, but my rear wheel need to be trued. The wobble is pretty severe, though, so I'm not sure it can be done. How can my wheel get bent when all my bike's been doing for the last six months is hang in the garage? I don't know. But, if I have to buy a new rim, I'll do it.

Lord, all I want to do is crawl under my desk, curl up into a little fetal ball and suck my lollipop. Can't do that, though. Gotta stay up. Gotta stay awake. Okay, I'm going to make some tea.

Good. Lemon tea. My tummy doesn't feel any better, but at least it's warm.

Weighed myself this morning. Lost another two pounds, somehow (illness?) I'm almost down to my fighting weight. Told me little sister I lost weight and she said that that was obscene and that she hopes it's a tapeworm. I saw last weekend, when I went up to Davis. She looks good. She sounds happy when talking with her boyfriend (who wasn't there and whom (you'll never guess) my parents hate.) She did make ribs for me, by the way.

Got a couple of cold calls from head-hunters. I guess someone must have forwarded the phone list before they quit. I don't want to start looking for a job yet. I want to wait until I get back from my trip. Does that sound selfish? I just want to make my vacation as enjoyable as possible and I think I'd feel better if I didn't have to worry about the pressure of starting a new job while I'm away. Of course I'll have the pressure of having to look for a job, but that's okay. I enjoy being unemployed (although not the negative cash flow bit.)

It's official. I'm sick. When I get sick I usually feel sensitive and prickly (like pins and needles) up and down my back, which is how I feel now. That sucks because it makes it very, very difficult to sleep.