At work at the moment. It's like a ghost town. The ax came down on Tuesday, about 1/3 of the staff was let go. Not me, though. I'm one of the lucky ones. I guess. Dunno. It kind of feels like we who are left are rats stuck on a sinking ship. I've only been here about six months, and I'm not even a real employee, so I guess it isn't all that important. But it's depressing to see the work that all of these people put in go down in flames. Well, perhaps that's too pessimistic. There still is hope, if you believe upper management. Brushed up my resume last night and checked out the listings on dice so I'm not worried about the whole finding work aspect of the exercise. Oh well, another object lesson on why perl rocks (it's running the website right now) and Broadvision sucks (it was supposed to run the website a year ago, but only quadrupled the cash burn rate.)

Going to go see my sister this weekend. She promised barbeque, so yay!

I haven't talk to Laura-from-work today, but she smiled at me, and I liked that.

Played with the perl chatterbox client last night. Didn't do much other than find small bug in the xml output. My heart's not in it. Maybe if I used perl/tk rather than curses I'd work up more interest.

At the company picnic at lunch, there was a lot of food. I took a sausage and crawled back to my cube where I ate half of it and listened to mp3's. I'm still a little hungry.