The new computer is just about done. I still need to get a cheapo dvd drive and maybe another hard drive. Oh, and a sound card so I can listen to my tunes. I talked to James the other day. He was having a party up in San Francisco, but when it finally happened, I suddenly got all timid and shy and didn't go. Now I need to clean up all of the old computer parts and dump them in a plain, brown box or something.

My sister finally got engaged to Jeff. I'm very happy for her.

sunshine wrote me from Venezuela. Yay!

I started looking for another job tonight. I looked on dice and hotjobs. I hope I don't have to go through a recruiter again this time. I hate feeling that half of the money I'm making is going to the damned headhunter. Oh well. A necessary evil, perhaps.

At least I'm done with my Christmas shopping.


Heard back from James. He's not mad at me for missing his birthday. That's good. I don't like people being mad at me. My mom got a box of persimmons from my Auntie Pauline so I guess she'll be eating persimmons for the rest of the year. Spent most of the morning writing random crap in my journal. Started to write a field guide to hanging up Kewpie Dolls on a wall so, of course, it hasn't been all that productive.