I just saw the A&E Biography on the Coen Brothers so I can add a couple of lines here:

The Coen Brothers got started in filmmaking as kids, making silly movies with their friends in Minnesota. Joel went on to NYU to study film, whereas Ethan went to Princeton to major in Philosophy (of all things!) One of Joel's early jobs was as an assistant editor on Sam Raimi's Evil Dead (1982). Around that time, the two started working together, writing screenplays for low budget movies. Eventually they were given the opportunity to make a film themselves, Blood Simple (1984), which was critically acclaimed, as have just about all Coen Brothers movies been.

Although not a formal division of labor, of the two, Ethan is usually more concerned with issues of plot and story whereas Joel is more concerned with issues of dialog and action. They tend to work very quickly -- in fact Barton Fink was written in the middle of the writing of Miller's Crossing.

Anyhow I want to know what kind of crack Madas is smoking to say that Fargo is "more obscure" than Barton Fink.