Well, like so many people around here recently, today is my last day at work. Not because I'm going back to school (unfortunately), but because I've stolen as many thumb tacks and erasers as I can fit into my car. Also, my contract is up and it's time to move on.

It's been an interesting ride. When I first got here (about nine months ago), it was the middle of the dot.com frenzy and everyone was cheery and optimistic (paper millionaires). Now, well, as I've said before, it's like a ghost town and those of us who are left are filled with a hopeless and gloomy misery. I guess those of us that are still here are like men or women in a really bad relationship. We all know it sucks. Our friends tell us it sucks. But still, we've stayed out of some misguided loyalty or nostalgic optimism. Next week they'll find out whether they can keep the doors open or if it's on to Chatper 7.

Next week I go to Washington, D. C.. Yay!

I'm glad ophie's doing the headlines again.