Daylog Newbie

Well, I don't usually daylog, but enough is happening in my life now that is fairly unusual. This makes me think I ought to contribute it to the database...

File under: the Human Experience

My homenode isn't exactly biographical, so I will try and get everyone up to speed. 22. Single Male. BFA in Theatre Design in T minus one semester. Currently interning with a lasershow production company in Orlando.(Yes, I consider this too mundane to daylog about.)

This is about Decisions

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I'm at a major juncture in my life. College Graduation. And I don't have much left in the way of roots. Growing up, my family moved every five years or so. Finished high school in Cleveland, did college in West Virginia, and now while I'm in Orlando temporarily, the rest of my family is off to Houston.

So I have a lot of options. Graduate School. Hike the Appalachian Trail. The whole thing. Get some work somewhere. Maybe Cleveland, maybe take the job I've been offered here. Hey, I'm thrilled to know that I have a decent job waiting for me after graduation if I want it.

The Nagging Question

It has been rolling back there in the far crevices of my mind for 10 years now. Fullfill your potential. Higher Ground. Something More. And I've always turned away. Not me. Not now. Hah, I even have a hard time writing it.

I've spent enough time deep in the mountains to know for myself, for certain, that there is More. But how do I answer that call?

Face your fears

I've tried putting it off. Squeezing my eyes shut and hoping it would go away. Praying for it to go away. But I don't think I am going to be able to get on with my life unless I stare this thing down.

Just do it

So, last week I began talking to the Vocational Director for the Diocese of Cleveland. A place called Borromeo Seminary.
Yes, you heard me right.

This leaves me in what they call the process of discernment. I'm not making any promises. I could change my mind, sooner or later. But for now, this is it, I'm taking the first steps towards becoming a priest.
Yes, you heard me right.

And all I know is I am both relieved, and very afraid.
I'm going to node as much of this process here, whatever the results. My feelings, my experience. For the database.