She swings...
With hair of gathered spiders' strands, whipping back and forth like anemones in rough seas, she pumps. Legs out, legs back... her chipped toenail polish peeking from pink sandals, legs out, legs back, pumping higher.

mama peas... peas mama!_____________ PUUU UUUUS HHHH!!!

She arches back, an infant crescent all of achingly soft baby flesh, tough toddler pride and a cool-burning terrible two temper talking in tongues.

She sees... far and away...


And she sings... and she swings,

I'm fly- YEN to da MOooooooooooON!

goodnight, moon Ω the cow jumped over the moon Ω stella luna Ω man in the moon Ω la luna, que bella luna Ω Fly me to the moon Ω moondrops Ω carry moonbeams down in a jar Ω