This is a reboot.


I had no idea how refreshing it could be and would be. Listening to 'Asleep' by The Smiths, yesterday, the yellow and the red blurred, floating past me while I sat half-asleep in the warm glow of neon signs.

Weird, isn't it? IM is rapidly losing its message-ness and has too much 'instant' appeal. Blogs tend to be overread and over commented upon, to the limit that even seriousness tends to be replied with a quick, 'hoep youre doing well, haf a great summah!'. No blame, but couldn't we all just get along and keep our eyes open?

I get the feeling that I have this few-hundred dollar novelty item of mine that is rapidly losing its novelty. BLT sandwiches without the bacon, and airports without airplanes. What happened to the alias that I happily used joyfully and spendingly? Why on earth did I ever parade around Central Square wearing metaphorical messages in a metaphorical place, shouting out loud? I feel naked.

I feel naked. Too bad. And I've decided to start again. There goes my E2 T-shirts, there go my slashdot 5w4g or my k5 diary, lj, melo, diaryland, anything and everything. disconnected. It isn't so bad after all.

Its 3:30 and I've decided to write, and I'm glad that any excessive crypticness has decided to dissolve away. Hello, goodbye, hello.

Its here for me to use, might as well use it. Hordes of fingers pointing elsewhere with negative XP to boot don't matter, because I'd rather be on the bottom of the 'Other Users' list than in the middle.

So hello! I exist here for existence's sake, and I vill write forr vriting's sake. Do nott touche me.

Incoherency works. Babbling works. Someone told me once that daylogs existed for the sake of XP. I remember remembering that XP sounded like windows. I also remember that that 'someone' was at level 8 with XP in the 'thousands' level. Reputation is like money, its unimportant if you have so much. Like the grains of rice thrown at weddings. So white. Who eats white rice?