Ten days until I and Noteponymous leave for California to meet my dnafamily.

Ten days to pack, ten days to organize, ten days to get my physical and mental shit together.

I'm terrified and elated by the prospect of a cross-country trip in troubled times, and by the upcoming meetings at the other end of the road.

Today I did something I rarely do. I sent several people an email, some words from a friend at my other online home. The words are important, and I want to share them here as well.

"From on high I pass this sentence on.

On the equinox gather around the drums,
stay aware of the story that is unfolding,
and think about the kind of world that you want,
and the choices you need to make for it to come to be.

Pass this sentence on."
Random Notes -- Rushmore is damned funny. I love Owen Wilson's writing more than his acting.
On Hotmail, there is a banner ad stating, 1 broker to evaluate them all and seek best execution. After reading this quote several times, I was forced to reread Lord Of The Rings.