My chair is broken.

Really broken.
It's a metal ladderback, looks like something Van Gogh would paint.
But it's broken.
The weld on the left front leg support parted last night. Now every time I move, the leg bends.
Metal fatigue is going to set in soon.
My chair is broken.
I can't stop touching the broken weld.

The History of The World is the history of warfare between secret societies.

From the front page of (every luddite's favorite search engine) -- Silent leges inter arma. - During war, the laws are silent. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

American English is going to hell in a pushcart. Doesn't anybody realize that if your advertizement reads "best prices" it means you don't have the best prices?

Every person has words they simply cannot spell.

"Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

this is not a pipelink

    Question about E2
  • What's the protocol on praying for votes around here? I feel like I do it a lot, especially on weekends, when I'm here for more hours/day. Not all the prayers are answered. But I wonder if they are being ignored because I'm a greedy XP whoring pest, or if the gods simply didn't see them, and would rather get a msg? Should I pick one or two gods and just hit them up privately for votes? I don't want the votes for XP. I want them to improve the gel.

My chair is broken, and I cannot think about anything else.