Conflict at E2 Resolved Peacefully

For the last few weeks, there has been a war a-brewin' between myself and Big Alba. It started when he mad a chatterbox comment that I took personally. Soon it went ugly, with nasty /msg's flying to and fro, and some public trashing of each other.
So last night, I asked him to come to Political Asylum with me and settle this like noders.

With the assistance (thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you) of the Wise and Benevolent Dem_Bones, we were able to talk.

And talk we did. I knew from reading his home node that we had common ground. By leaving the flames at the door, and talking to each other civilly and sanely, we realized that we were both at fault. So we said our apologies (BA, by the way, was kind enough to go first, smart enough to break through our mutual stubbornness) shook hands, and returned to E2 as allies.

I am sincere in my hope that there is a lesson to be had here. I think the availability of Political Asylum, and the willingness of Bonesy to mediate, changed a simmering hostility into the seeds of friendship.

I have a confession to make, and a request for assistance. I downvoted one of BA's writeups, back when this was a cold war. It is the only time I have cast a downvote for reasons other than the quality of the node, and I am ashamed to have done it.
So I would be eternally grateful if one of you could upvote Big Alba's writeup on Snowboarding. It did not deserve my thumbs down. It was petty and vindictive, and I will not do it again.

Update 2-24-2001 Snowboarding has been upvoted. Thank you, Dann, for helping me to atone.