An Informal Survey of Everything2

    27 randomly selected nodes.
  • 2 nodeshells,
  • 4 Webster 1913 only,
  • 15 informative or factual nodes,
  • 1 poem,
  • 1 Nov 13 1999 one-liner,
  • 1 metanode,
  • 1 humor,
  • 1 E2-specific humor,
  • 1 Magic:The Gathering card.
Also three syncronicitous events occurred during this survey, three specific nodes that related directly to my thoughts or immediate surroundings.

An informal survey of Eponymous

This is the most significant thing I have done today. Long, long, day. Ennui. Weltschmertz. You know, for years, I pronounced ennui "EN-you-eye". First time I heard it spoken, blew my mind. "What's on-WEE?"

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