What a strange day this is turning out to be. I got up early this morning, about eight:thirty.

Made my signature scalloped potatoes (recipe at th'end of th'node). Had the whole family over for Easter.

It snowed all morning, which sucked, because it was warm earlier. In the afternoon some dipshit got me all paranoid pulling an asamoth, not to be confused with pulling a dustfromamoth. Emailed The_Custodian about his offer. Got borged. That doesn't happen often, but since it was a borging for comedic effect, I'm taking it as a blessing.

It's been strange today, and will probably get stranger. At one point, I was a nodetype.

Update from later: It snowed all damned day. I know this is Minnesota, but, really, folks, can't you give us a break?

Epo's Scalloped Spudtatoes

Peel and thinslice four or five pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes and an apple. Soak in salt water overnight. In the morning, thinslice a red onion. Layer potato, onion, and apple in a large glass cake pan. (One apple for four pounds of spuds in all you need, any more is overkill.)

Grate half a pound of cheese over the spuds. I prefer a super sharp cheddar. Make a basic white sauce, pour over spuds. Tent tinfoil, bake at 350 until almost done. Remove foil, bake until brown.

Serves a bunch, but not as many as you would think from the size of the baking pan. They go real quick.

historical note: this was noded on 4/1/2002. For April fools day, the node creation date got changed. For once in my life I was the first to see the comedic effects possible. Everything in this daylog is true.