Although the server date has changed, here on the dirt it is still the third of April.

That said, April 4 has a history of important events. It was on April 4 that Winston Smith began to write in his illicit diary. It was on April 4 that, in the words of the band, "A shot rings out/in the Memphis sky".

On April Fourth, ten years ago... In a small town in central Minnesota, standing in a circle around a teacher tree, Noteponymous and I were wed. Ten years. We'd already been handfasted for a year.

Now, this decade flickers through my brain. The highlights of marriage that are so common as to constitute cliche and the quirky moments that are unique.

  • Conspiratorial giggling in summer rain.
  • A perfect day spent together with skies that are such a clear azure they defy description -- but I can see the color right now, and hir face against it, laughing.
  • The car spinning out of control on an icy road, landing in the ditch, both of us uninjured, but stuck there for an hour until a semi came along and pulled us out with a heavy chain.
  • Sitting in our first house, before we bought it, drinking irish coffees while the landlord pumped the water out of the basement.
  • Private tears.
  • The birth of our child.
  • Knowing each other so well, so intimately, that we not only can finish each other's sentences, but, often, have entire conversations in a glance, a gesture, a few mumbled words.

I love hir so much that sometimes I am struck dumb with amazement. Sie can make me laugh until I cry with a single word, or make me cry until I laugh with a look. I am enthralled. Sie is the fulcrum of my life.

Ten years.