In addition to all the names listed above, Uller was also known as Ullen or Ullin in Norway. All these name variations give us hints that he was a very old god. The fact that he has given name to numerous places in Scandinavia is another indication of that. Yet he doesn't seem to feature in any of the cool stories from Norse mythology, there just isn't as much lore about him as there is about Odin, Thor and Freya. Uller probably belongs to an older generation of gods, along with Tyr and Heimdall - the people who worshipped them lived in Scandinavia before the arrival of the Vikings

The modern form of the name Uller, Ull, is not at all used for naming children in Norway (or in other parts of Scandinavia, for that matter), despite the revival of other old names from Norse mythology. The reason for this is simple: The name means "wool" in modern Norwegian. There are some derivations in circulation, however. Ulrik for boys and Ulla for girls are good, normal names. But it is in place names that we truly see the influence of the old god.

Uller seems to have been a really popular god in the very old days, especially in the eastern part of Norway, where heaps of places are named after him. Only in the Oslo area, several wellknown places bear his mark:
Ullern is a fashionable part of the city with its own church, which is therefore indirectly named after the Norse god.
Ullevål is world famous in Norway for its football stadium, where national matches are played. The name means Uller's field; which is quite appropriate for a god of sports.
Ullersmo, the location of a national prison, has the same meaning.

In the rest of the country, a name like Ullinshof - Uller's temple - is found in several places, many of them churches and vicarages. The churches in question were probably built on top of an old temple. There are many instances of this, but most of the churches have since been renamed.

There are also many places called Ullensaker and Ulvang, which both mean Uller's fields. I could go on, but I'd really better stop now.