This is my logical September 18th, starting around 5:20pm the 17th and ending around 6:15 the 18th.

I've been at college for a month now. 31 days at Georgia Tech and counting. For me, today started yesterday when I woke up at 17:20 after sleeping 13 hours, including through a class, a recitation, and a doctor's appointment.

After recovering from morning amnesia, I grab a quick breakfast of a waffle and a bagel & cream cheese at Woodruff before rushing over to my CS1321 recitation for a test. A test that I forgot to study for. It was easy enough though. I think I aced it, but I've been drastically wrong about how I did too often to presume I did that well.

I get back to my dorm, surf the web a little, and find myself looking at more stuff for my computer upgrade. Nexfan's got some of the rounded cables for less than Newegg, so I'll probably go with them for those. They've also got some glowy fans with 4 LEDs in the frame that would look rather cool in the air intakes, but they're rather pricey and don't offer as good of airflow as some.

At some point, I check the schedule for my english class and see that I need something resembling a rough draft of the essay due friday for class today. For this reason I took my laptop with me when I went to the basement to do some laundry. Predictably, I watched the Berserk episodes that DM sent me. After I finished laundry, I went back to surfing the web and generally avoiding the essay.

The essay can wait. At the moment, making it to calculus 2 is more important, especially after my abysmal score on the first test.

In calc, I actually pay attention the whole time and take diligent notes. Perhaps this has something to do with me leaving my Palm in my dorm room.

After calc, I come back to my dorm as usual. I finally start working on some stuff for that english essay. I decide to skip psych, as my english prof might be checking the rough drafts. I realize halfway through my predraft that this is probably supposed to be the autoethnography. Aah fuck. Well, this'll have to do until I have time to do a better rewrite. Off to class.

In class, we spend the first 10 or so minutes registering for, the (in)famous antiplagiarism site. The rest of class, we're supposed to peer-review the rough drafts that not exactly everyone has. My group just winds up talking about random stuff while we casually pass around papers and occasionally gesture to them.

After class, as usual, I get breadsticks and a coke at the only Pizza Hut Express in the world that serves Coca-Cola products instead of Pepsi products and go back to my dorm. As I approach the 24-hour mark, I grow progressively more tired, to the point that I think I fell asleep in my chair sometime between 5:15 and 6, despite the best efforts of Winamp and my mp3/ogg collection. I make my bed and crawl into it around 6:10, at the end of my day.

My first daylog...yay...